The Challenge of Urbanization: Health and the Global City

Supported by a Wellcome Trust Institutional Strategic Support Fund/John Fell Fund award – October 2011-September 2016

Firstly, this project was intended to provide a platform for larger projects in the future, supported by both the Wellcome Trust and institutions overseas, such as the Korea Foundation and South Korean government agencies.  Secondly, it was intended to provide a much-needed focus for inter-divisional cooperation within Oxford University.  Thirdly, it was to help forge useful links with a variety of international organisations and provide a platform for public and professional engagement and training.

The project was made up of two elements: Indian and South Korean. The Indian Project entailed collaboration between Oxford and the International Network for Clinical Epidemiology’s office in Delhi, together with historians and anthropologists based at the University of Delhi.  The South Korean project focussed on two important health issues in major urban contexts such as Seoul and Busan.  Overall these two elements of the project are intended as the first part of a series of projects relating to health and urbanisation

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