Invisible Crises, Neglected Histories: Malaria in Asia, c.1900-present

Supported by a Wellcome Trust Investigator Award in Medical Humanities - October 2015-September 2020

PI – Mark Harrison

Research Associates:

  • Cressida Jervis Read
  • Jeong-Ran Kim
  • Atsuko Naono


This project stems from collaborative research with colleagues in medicine and the social sciences, as part of a WT ISSF/John Fell Fund project on ‘The Challenge of Urbanization: Disease and the Global City’. In this project, our attention was directed largely towards vector-borne diseases, including malaria. Invisible Crises extends this collaboration concentrating on malaria in Asia, in which historians and historically-minded anthropologists are working with scientists and epidemiologists. Our aim is to enlarge, and substantially revise, the historiography of the disease and thereby to inform new departures in policy.

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